Korg Wavestation EX with RAM Card and Upgraded  – SOLD


Introduced to my studio when it was released in the ’90’s, this beautiful Korg Wavestation EX  includes a rare RAM card for a third bank of patches and Wave Sequences, as well as all original documentation.

Over the years, I programmed it with some of my favorites from the vast Wavestation library of patches, many of which were borrowed from the Wavestation SR.

Several years ago, I upgraded the LCD backlight with an aftermarket light that is much brighter than the stock one. It’s bright and has a really nice color that is very much like the OEM backlight (white/blue). The display is clear and crisp with no defects. The lens over the LCD display is clear with no scuffs or significant scratches.

This unit is 100% functional and has no known problems. I just replaced the internal RAM battery, and the RAM card battery for the convenience of the buyer.

A common’ behavior for these 90’s Korg Synths that used the Yamaha keybed was for some of the black keys to feel a bit stiff until the unit warms up. You may notice this at first, but all the keys soon uniformly respond after a few moments playing.

It is in really nice condition, with normal studio wear, but nothing that really detracts from it cosmetically. There’s one scratch to the left of the vector joystick (see images).  

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